Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

The University Center for Human Values provides opportunities for undergraduates and graduates to integrate its events and programs with students’ academic interests.

In 2010, the Center launched its program in Values and Public Life (VPL) for students interested in ethical issues. The program equips students with the ability to bring informed discussion of values into the public sphere and to integrate a critical value perspective into their future studies and pursuits. The program is directed by Professor Sandra Bermann.

The Center also sponsors the Human Values Forum (HVF), a group of undergraduate students and faculty members that meet regularly over dinner to discuss current and enduring questions concerning ethics and human values. Professor Peter Singer serves as adviser to the student leadership. Membership is by application.

While all graduate students interested in the Center’s areas of study are welcome to participate in its events, students enrolled in the Program in Political Philosophy pursue interdisciplinary work and regularly participate in the Center’s seminars and colloquia, enabling them to meet scholars in various fields. Traditionally, the Center also hosts dinner at Prospect House following its signature talks, where invited faculty, visitors, and graduate students continue the ensuing discussion over dinner.

The Center offers travel and research grants that support advanced research by graduate students. 

Finally, the Center supports postdoctoral research positions in bioethics, values and public policy, the cognitive science of values, and the ethics of climate change.