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The University Center for Human Values invites faculty and graduate students to submit upcoming Department/Center/Program events below, so that we can share details with the UCHV community.

Submissions are requested at least two weeks prior to the event, and cannot be accepted after that time.  Only events for which all the details have been confirmed should be submitted.

If you have questions or need to edit/cancel an event, please contact Julie Clack (website editor) at


(please list primary department sponsorship only)
(if not affiliated with an academic institution or company, please list the speaker’s vocation, e.g. journalist/author)
(If your event will have multiple occurrences, list all dates and times here)
(Building, Room - e.g. Marx Hall, Room 301)
Please include contact name for invitation/registration information.
(If this is a multi-day event, please provide a description for each day)
(OPTIONAL, but if including an image, it must be submitted simultaneously with event details) – please provide a good quality representative image of the topic, or a photo of the speaker. Images must be between 200x200 and 1600x1600 pixels (*please note that only files submitted according to these specifications can be uploaded)
Files must be less than 2.5 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png.

 Contact information for person responsible for event and related questions.