Stephanie Fan

Graduate Prize Fellow
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Stephanie Fan is a graduate student in the Department of Comparative Literature. Her main research interests include French & German literature, philosophy and intellectual history and classics. Her multilingual, transdisciplinary and cosmopolitan training enables her to carry out her research topic, which explores how Friedrich Nietzsche, as a Freigeist (free spirit), fought against the esprits forts under the banner of atheism and the morality of “beyond good and evil” through his dialogue with his predecessors. Nietzsche’s atheism is not only the upshot of his condemnation of the metaphysics of theism, but also his criticism of the residue of theism in the psyche of the atheist. Nietzsche’s morality in “beyond good and evil” is not only based on his criticism of pagan or Christian norms of good and evil, but also on his concerns about the preservation of life and power. Fan’s investigation into Nietzsche’s naturalistic ethics focuses on: whether this naturalism can replace the old normative morality based on Christian values and ancient philosophy; and whether his commitment to moral self-cultivation and truth can endure the many trials of postmodernist ethics. She has published articles in peer-reviewed journals and books and participates in research projects on both sides of the Atlantic.