Michael Smith

McCosh Professor of Philosophy
Office Phone
113, 1879 Hall

Michael Smith rejoined the Department of Philosophy at Princeton University in 2004 after spending 10 years in the philosophy program at the Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University. His primary research interests include ethics, moral psychology, philosophy of mind and action, political philosophy, and philosophy of law. He is the author of The Moral Problem (1994), for which he was awarded the American Philosophical Association Book Prize 1994-96; Ethics and the A Priori: Selected Essays on Moral Psychology and Meta-Ethics (2004); and coauthor of Mind, Morality and Explanation: Selected Collaborations (2004), a collection of papers written in various combinations by Smith, Frank Jackson, and Philip Pettit. He is also the editor of Meta-Ethics (1995), and the co-editor of Reason and Value: Themes from the Moral Philosophy of Joseph Raz (2004) with Jay Wallace, Philip Pettit, and Samuel Scheffler; The Oxford Handbook of Contemporary Philosophy (2005) with Frank Jackson; and Common Minds: Themes from the Philosophy of Philip Pettit (2007) with Geoffrey Brennan, Robert Goodin, and Frank Jackson.