Madeline McMahon

Graduate Prize Fellow
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Dickinson Hall, Room 129

Madeline McMahon is a sixth-year doctoral candidate in the Department of History and a historian of early modern Europe, focusing on how radical religious change intersected with the history of ideas. Her dissertation, Shepherding a Church in Crisis: Religious Life, Governance, and Knowledge in Early Modern Italy, traces the history of an idea, episcopacy, as it was lived out and embodied by Italian bishops who sought out new strategies and information to reconcile competing historical, legal, and liturgical traditions. In reconstructing this history, her project tells the intertwined stories of how bishops worked to direct human behavior and belief and of how they strove to make sense of their position. Before beginning the PhD at Princeton, Madeline received her MPhil (Early Modern History) from the University of Cambridge. More recently, she was an exchange scholar at Harvard and a Fulbright doctoral grantee to Italy.