Katharina Isabel Schmidt

Graduate Prize Fellow
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Katharina Isabel Schmidt is a third year doctoral candidate in the Department of History. Her dissertation, tentatively titled “German Jurists and the Search for ‘Life’ in Modern Legal Science, 1900-1937” examines the unlikely origins of National Socialist “life”- jurisprudence. As part of her research, Schmidt explores both limits and opportunities of legal liberalism, the normative powers of the factual and the relationship between science and value. Schmidt’s other interests include German legal science in colonial Africa and the South Pacific as well as transatlantic intellectual history with a particular focus on German-Jewish émigré scholars. Before coming to Princeton, Schmidt obtained law degrees from University College London (LL.B), the University of Cologne (Baccalaureus Legum), the University of Oxford (BCL) and Yale Law School (LL.M). She is concurrently pursuing a JSD at the Yale Law School. She has published articles and reviews in journals on both sides of the Atlantic, including the American Journal of Comparative Law, the Law & History Review, and the German Studies Review.