Ian Peebles

Harold T. Shapiro Postdoctoral Research Associate in Bioethics
Office Phone
Green Hall, Room 3-C-8

Ian Peebles currently serves as the Harold T. Shapiro Postdoctoral Research Associate in Bioethics in Princeton University’s Center for Human Values.  His research and teaching focus on theoretical and applied issues in normative ethics, bio/neuroethics, the philosophy of race, and their intersections. The core of his research uses virtue ethics and empirical data from neuroscience and medical research to offer novel frameworks for understanding and effectively intervening into health disparities and related phenomena. He is also interested in emerging ethical, social, and legal issues related to artificial intelligence and neurointerventions, as well as the relationship between moral philosophy and political philosophy when investigating human social phenomena. He completed his Ph.D. in philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania. For more information, please click here.