Hochan "Sonny" Kim

Graduate Prize Fellow
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Hochan "Sonny" Kim is a fourth-year graduate student in the Politics department. His dissertation undertakes a conceptual and normative exploration of the idea of structural injustice, drawing on social theory, philosophy, and political theory to address two foundational questions: (1) “What exactly is structural about structural injustice?” and (2) “What exactly is unjust about structural injustice?” He also has research interests in several more applied topics spanning social, legal, and political philosophy, including: the ethical and political dilemmas surrounding artificial intelligence and algorithmic decision-making, the moral evaluation of cultural appropriation, and the moral implications of criminogenic distributive injustice for the legitimate authority of the state to punish the socioeconomically deprived. Before Princeton, Sonny received a B.A. in Political Science and in Philosophy from Brown University and a BPhil in Philosophy from the University of Oxford.