Hannah Catherine Waight

Graduate Prize Fellow
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Hannah Waight is a fourth year graduate student in the department of sociology. Her research interests include the sociology of knowledge and science, economic sociology and social theory. Her dissertation examines the history of social mobility research and ideas in 20th century American and British social science, tracing the formation of the interdisciplinary field’s terms of debate as well as key controversies over the measurement and meaning of its analytical categories. Through historicizing social scientific notions of merit, mobility and equality of opportunity, her project aims to develop a critical understanding of social mobility ideas prevalent in academic and policy circles today. Apart from her dissertation, Waight is also completing projects with her collaborators on propaganda in mainland China, John Dewey and American social science and popular perceptions of inequality in the U.S. Before coming to Princeton, Hannah received her B.A. in East Asian studies and an M.A. in regional studies: East Asia, both from Harvard University.