Colin Bradley

Graduate Prize Fellow
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Colin Bradley is a fourth-year PhD candidate in the Department of Philosophy. His research explores the role that private moral convictions should play in public institutions. His dissertation argues that public institutions, including but not limited to the state and the law, are necessary in order to develop the content of our moral obligations to one another, and that this provides a useful way of conceptualizing the duties and responsibilities of the state and of citizens. He is particularly interested in the liberties associated in the US with the First Amendment—freedoms of conscience, speech, and protest—and how these can enable ordinary people to shape the content of public morality. Colin also has extensive interests in Kant’s practical philosophy and its legacy in the liberal and socialist traditions, and has written on the law governing the democratic process in the US and its relation to the First Amendment. He has held research fellowships from the Research Center for Analytic German Idealism at the University of Leipzig, the Legal Priorities Project, and the Center for Global Constitutionalism at the Berlin Social Science Center. He holds a JD from NYU School of Law where he was a Furman Academic Scholar, and a BA from the University of Chicago.