Claudia Yau

Graduate Prize Fellow
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1879 Hall, Room 212

Claudia Yau is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Philosophy and a member of the Program in Classical Philosophy. She specializes in ancient philosophy, especially ancient ethics, politics, and epistemology. Her dissertation is on wisdom (sophia) in Plato and Aristotle: what wisdom is, its importance to their broader ethical, political, and epistemological commitments, and how it connects to related concepts like knowledge, virtue, expertise, and political rule. She has additional research projects on Sextus Empiricus’s Modes of Suspension of Judgment in Outlines of Pyrrhonism and Aristotle’s account of Justice in the Nicomachean Ethics. Outside of ancient philosophy, Claudia has research interests in social philosophy, especially the philosophy of race. Claudia earned her B.A. in philosophy from Wellesley College, where she was a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow.