Blake Francis

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Ethics and Climate Change
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Blake Francis is a social and political philosopher whose research addresses moral problems that pit human wellbeing against environmental goods and values. His current work investigates the moral significance of the harms of climate change compared to other losses and gains from climate change and climate change policy. Blake’s dissertation, “Wrongful Harm by Emitting: Individual and Collective Agents in the Context of Climate Change,” argues that when certain collective agents—notably nations—contribute to climate change, they are doing harm for which they ought to be held accountable. Blake earned his Ph.D. in Philosophy from Stanford University in August 2017. He has degrees in philosophy from Northern Arizona University (B.A.) and University of Montana (M.A.), where he also studied Forestry and Conservation. Before graduate school, Blake worked in wilderness management and trail construction with the U.S. Forest Service in Arizona and Alaska.