Important Dates: 2019-2020

Fall Semester 2019
Tuesday, September 10

New Visitor Induction Meeting, followed by lunch (10:30-11:45 am/12:00-1:30 pm)

Wednesday, September 11

Classes begin

Friday, September 13 - Saturday, September 14

Conference on Colonialism and Global Justice (Convened by Annie Stilz and Shuk Ying Chan)

Sunday, September 15

UCHV Welcome Dinner

Friday, September 27

American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy (ASPLP) Annual Meeting (Stephen Macedo, President) 

Wednesday, October 2

UCHV/James Madison Program Co-sponsored Irw W. DeCamp Bioethics Seminar with Dr. Alan Shewmon

Thursday, October 3

Program in Ethics and Public Affairs with Richard Bourke

Friday, October 4

Greg Conti (Politics, Princeton) Book Workshop

Friday, October 18

UCHV Advisory Council Meeting

Thursday, October 24

James A. Moffett '29 Lectures in Ethics with Barbara Herman (University of California-Los Angeles)

Monday, October 21 - Friday, October 25


Saturday, October 26 - Sunday, November 3

Fall Recess

Wednesday, November 6 - Thursday, November 7

Tanner Lectures on Human Values with Richard Tuck (Harvard University)

Friday, November 8 - Saturday, November 9

Center for Information Technology Policy/UCHV Conference with Joshua Cohen

Friday, November 15 - Saturday, November 16

History of Political Thought (Jan-Werner Mueller and Greg Conti)

Friday, November 22 - Saturday, November 23

UCHV/CITP Workshop (Convened by Annette Zimmerman)

Wednesday, December 11

UCHV/LAPA Holiday Party

Friday, December 13

Last Day of Classes

Spring Semester 2020
Monday, February 3

First Day of Classes

Monday, March 9 - Friday, March 13


Saturday, March 14 - Sunday, March 22

Spring Recess

Thursday, April 16

James A. Moffett '29 Lectures in Ethics (CANCELED)

Friday, May 1

Last Day of Classes

Thursday, May 14

UCHV End-of-Year Dinner  (CANCELED)