Planned core courses and seminars for AY 2021-22

Fall 2021

Core Courses:

SPI 370/ POL 308
Ethics and Public Policy
Stephen Macedo

POL 313/ CHV 313
Global Justice
Charles Beitz

VPL Seminars:

HIS 427/ CHV 427
Being Human: A Political History  
Edward Baring                

PHI 411/ CHV 411/ POL 407
Free Speech in the Internet Age
Susan Brison

REL 394/ CHV 394
Environmental Ethics & Modern Religious Thought
Ryan Darr

Please note: courses offerings listed below are tentative and subject to change.

Spring 2022     

VPL Seminars:

What Are Human Rights?
Charles Beitz

The Ethics of Love and Sex
Elizabeth Harman

Architecture and Democracy  
Jan Mueller