UCHV launches Future Values Initiative

Sept. 25, 2023

Advances in science and technology have outpaced careful inquiry into their ethical implications. New tools like CRISPR and large language models may hold tremendous potential for our collective benefit, but also exacerbate already existing social disparities. The Future Values Initiative recognizes that meeting these challenges is just as much a battle for our collective imaginations and ethical commitments as it is a set of technical problems to solve. Leveraging Princeton’s strengths in the sciences and the humanities, Future Values @UCHV will support scholarship that expands traditional approaches to normative inquiry and applied ethics of science and technology, critically examining present injustices by imagining and co-creating radically different futures. The Initiative envisions new modes of scholarship where scientists are given tools to understand how values shape the production of science and how its benefits and costs are socially distributed, and where humanists are partners in the innovation process rather than critics after the fact. Ultimately, the aim is to evolve normative thinking and scientific practice to meet the challenges of the present age. The Initiative is co-organized by Catherine Clune-Taylor, assistant professor in the Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies and M.J. Crockett, associate professor, Psychology and the University Center for Human Values. Its first gathering will be held on October 11th.