UCHV launches Academic Freedom Initiative

Sept. 11, 2023

Academic freedom is under threat in many parts of the world – including in at least parts of the United States.  Against this background, UCHV is launching an Academic Freedom Initiative which sets itself two tasks: first, it will revisit and critically probe the normative and legal bases of academic freedom.  Arguably, theoretical considerations on academic freedom – and how academic freedom does or does not connect to other social and political values -- remain relatively underdeveloped.  Second, it aims to better understand why and how academic freedom is being attacked – and what kinds of defenses might be successful in particular circumstances.  To that end, the Initiative’s events will welcome scholars who have been involved in concretely defending academic freedom and who can share lessons they have drawn from the experience.  The Initiative is directed by Jan-Werner Müller, the Roger Williams Straus Professor of Social Sciences.  Its first gathering will be held on October 2.