UCHV and WWS professor, Kim Lane Scheppele, receives the Law and Society Association's highest honor, the Harry J. Kalven Prize, for 2014.

April 22, 2014

Kim Lane Scheppele is the Laurance S. Rockefeller Professor of Sociology and Intl. Affairs in the Woodrow Wilson School and UCHV, as well as the Director of the Program in Law and Public Affairs.

Per the association's website: "Kim Lane Scheppele’s visionary and brave scholarship moves across the fields of comparative law, sociology, human rights and international affairs.  Working in the vein of constitutional ethnography, she has explored a range of topics at the intersection of constitutional and international law, looking both at jurisdictions in transition to democracy and at established democracies and their security-based responses to events such as 9/11.  Scheppele has a particular expertise on and love for the place of constitutional law in Hungary and Russia, having studied those cultures over two decades and, in part, from a resident’s point of view.  She has recently researched the rise of global security law, drawing on and making connections with her earlier work on secrecy.  Her research is creative, rigorous and widely cited.  Not shy to draw the connection from her scholarship to the world of policy, she has had an influence far beyond scholarly networks.   Her work is alive to the overlapping political, symbolic, comparative and cultural contexts in which constitutional law thrives and her scholarship is socio-legal in the finest sense.”