Students in the Values and Public Life certificate program contemplate the merits of a J.D. in their careers.

Dec. 3, 2015

For undergraduates ‘on the fence’ about law school‚ VPL student‚ Ya Sheng Lin ′17‚ says learning from those who’ve followed that course‚ is helpful.

Reflections on VPL Law School Panel

By Ya Sheng Lin‚ Class of 2017‚ Values and Public Life and Italian Language and Culture

I found the law school panel discussion in the Prospect House library to be tremendously insightful especially for those of us undergraduates on the fence about applying to law school. The intimate setting in the gorgeous library of Prospect House was especially conducive to an honest dialogue between undergraduates and law school graduates about the benefits, challenges and overall relevance of a law degree to our career interests. What I found most compelling about the discussion this evening were the various ways in which these panelists saw their law school degrees as supplementing their career ambitions. The panelists were able to articulate, in a compelling way, their intentions for entering law school and how a J.D. fits into what they hope to achieve. Most importantly, they cautioned us against pursuing a J.D. for its own sake, or merely because it is a good degree to have under one's belt. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the panel discussion. It was intimate, relaxed and truly enlightening! I hope this event will become a regular occurrence in the VPL calendar.