Seeking Submissions for UCHV's 5th Annual Short Movie Prize: 2016-17 Theme is "Fanaticism"

Jan. 31, 2017

The Short Movie Prize was established in 2012 following a suggestion by Michael Smith, McCosh Professor of Philosophy and Department Chair. His goal was to provide an opportunity for all Princeton undergraduates to use a creative form to express, expose, and think about a designated human values theme for the year. The purpose was to invite students to explore the myriad topics that the Center addresses through its talks, Freshman Seminars, Senior prizes, human values, undergraduate certificate program, film forum, in a creative fashion.

The result was the first competition for the Short Movie Prize in spring 2013, which in some way addressed the theme of Justice. You can find the subsequent themes, winners, and links to the films here.  

1st Annual 2013 - Justice

2nd Annual 2014 - Equality

3rd Annual 2015 - Attachment

4th Annual 2016 - Choosing

5th Annual 2017 - Fanaticism

Submission Requirements: Preferred length is approximately 7 minutes; students should upload their videos to a website and provide the jury with a stable URL; each submission must be accompanied by a short biography of the student (s) who made the movie; and an optional supporting statement about it.