Recent recognition of Melissa Lane’s new book, "Of Rule and Office: Plato's Ideas of the Political"

May 2, 2024

Melissa Lane’s 2023 monograph, published by Princeton University Press, has been feted with multiple book symposia and book launch events. 

In April, Lane discussed "Of Rule and Office" on the Timeless Leadership podcast with Scott Monty. She also discussed "Plato's Ideas of the Political" on the Facepalm America podcast with Beowulf Rochlen 


  • Author-Meets-Critics panel at Princeton Mini-APSA: critics Jed Atkins, Tae-Yeoun Keum, Jane Manners, Jeffrey Stout
  • Author-Meets-Critics, American Political Science Association Annual Meeting: critics Danielle Allen, Kinch Hoekstra, Matthew Simonton
  • Oxford Political Thought Seminar: critics Connor Grubaugh, Miyo Peck-Suzuki 
  • UK Branch of the International Association of Legal and Social Philosophy (UK-IVR) book launch/workshop: critics Alex Long, M.M. McCabe, Raphael Woolf (on Plato); John Dunn, Mark Philp, Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco (on legal and political philosophy)
  • Public Lecture, Gresham College, London: “Plato and the Idea of Political Office”
  • Labyrinth Books, Princeton, in conversation with Benjamin Morison