Princeton's Singer and Rutgers' McMahan React in NY Times on Anna Stubblefield Case

April 7, 2017

Peter Singer and Jeff McMahan comment on the case of Anna Stubblefield, a former Rutgers ethics professor, convicted of aggravated sexual assault for relations with a cognitively impaired man with cerebral palsy.  

"We have met Stubblefield only once, nearly a decade ago, at a conference on cognitive disability and moral philosophy. We were invited to this conference, which was organized by philosophers who are advocates for the cognitively disabled, as devil’s advocates whose challenges to common views about the moral status of profoundly cognitively impaired human beings and the permissibility of ending the lives of some newborn infants with severe disabilities were strongly criticized, not least by Stubblefield herself. In her philosophical work she has been and remains our determined adversary. We have no reason to be biased in her favor and our concern with this case is entirely disinterested."

Read the NY Times opinion piece here.