The Princeton-Humboldt University strategic partnership held an intensive 3–day seminar on “The State of Exception: Normative‚ Legal‚ and Historical Perspectives.”

July 28, 2016

This past June, six Ph.D. students from Princeton took part in an intense three-day seminar on “The State of Exception: Normative, Legal, and Historical Perspectives” held in Berlin under the auspices of the Princeton-Humboldt University strategic partnership.  The course was taught by Anna-Bettina Kaiser from Humboldt’s law faculty and Jan-Werner Müller from Princeton Politics Department.  Students from both sides of the Atlantic had teamed up before the seminar to prepare presentations on topics such as the US “War on Terror” and recent developments in Europe, in particular France’s ongoing state of emergency.  During the seminar itself, a set of rich conversations reflected the presence of historians, political theorists, and jurists among the students.  The seminar was followed by an interdisciplinary workshop a week later, where faculty as well as students from both partner universities presented ongoing projects, including work on the constitutional crisis in Turkey and the increasing tendency of Western states to deprive convicted terrorists of citizenship.  The partnership between Humboldt’s law faculty and Princeton’s Politics Department as well as UCHV will continue for at least another two years, with a new theme of “constitutionalism under stress.”