Philip Pettit delivers Einstein Lectures

Nov. 4, 2021

The Einstein Lectures 2021 held at the University of Bern in October were given by Philip Pettit, Laurance S. Rockefeller University Professor in the University Center for Human Values.“The Social Nature of Our Mental Life” was the theme of Professor Pettit’s lectures that were devoted to the question of the social preconditions and development of human thought. Over the course of three evenings he presented in-person lectures on “A Social Geneology of Human Mind,” “Consciousness and the Capacity to Reason,” and “Responsibility and the Capacity to Commit.”

 Established in 2009 by the Albert Einstein Societyand the University of Bern, the annual Albert Einstein Lectures and are alternately dedicated to topics from the fields of physics, mathematics and philosophy.

Recordings of Professor Pettit’s lectures can be found here.

In connection with the Einstein Lectures, Professor Pettit was interviewed by Barbara Bleisch of SRF Kultur, Swiss television, to discuss free will in the interview “What Freedom Sets Us Free?”

View the interview here.