"The New Yorker" On the Origins of Peter Singer's Instagram Account

Wednesday, Mar 13, 2019

A short "New Yorker" article reveals the origins of, and the Oz behind the curtain, managing the Instragram feed of the “world’s most influential living philosopher”: Peter Singer.

What began with an email to Talitha Wisner’s professor of “Practical Ethics” at Princeton, morphed into “an experiment in visualizing ethics and a counterpoint to status-conscious Instagram,” the piece reads. When Wisner and classmate, Sarah Hirschfield, launched Singer’s Instragram account, they hoped to offer followers an insight into an ethicist’s everyday life and to strengthen the movement - Effective Altruism and living an ethical life.

For further reading via more traditional channels, consult Peter Singer’s book, “The Most Good You Can Do – Effective Altruism is Changing Ideas About Living Ethically” – and visit the New Yorker to read the full article.