Melissa Lane Publishes First Essay in Centre's New Series

Jan. 6, 2017

In it, Lane argues, "...for a transformation in the understanding of professional ethics, so as to recognize sustainability as an overarching societal good for the achievement of which professionals bear a shared responsibility."

"...Being a responsible professional, entrusted by society with the privileges of such a role, should involve an orientation to taking initiative in bringing about the future that global society most needs. Precisely because that future does not yet exist—indeed is threatened by the current course of carbon emissions and associated forms of development—the duties on professionals should be acknowledged to be far more demanding, both of judgment and effort, than is generally recognized today."

The Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity hopes to address the implications of sustainable prosperity at the level of households and firms; and it will explore sector-level and macro-economic implications of different pathways to prosperity. 

Full text of essay.