Luara Ferracioli on what it means to belong to a country in The Sydney Morning Herald

April 18, 2022

Insightful about what motivates people to fight for their country, Luara Ferracioli, Laurance S. Rockefeller Visiting Faculty Fellow co-authored the opinion piece “To fight for a country, you need to feel you belong.” Australians are reflecting on the results of a recent poll conducted by the Institute of Public Affairs which suggests a majority of young adult Australians would not stay and fight if asked to defend their country. Professor Ferrracioli explains that it is important for society members to feel that their interests are represented and acted upon by their government.  Political empowerment engenders a sense of pride, identity and a willingess to preserve and protect the future of a country with one’s life. The op-ed was published in The Sydney Morning Herald on April 4.  

Read the entire op-ed here.