Luara Ferracioli and aged care in Australia

May 13, 2022

Australia’s federal election will take place on May 21 and aged care is a key issue for voters as outlined by Luara Ferracioli, Laurance S. Rockefeller Visiting Faculty Fellow, who co-authored the article, “Opinion Reform of Australia’s aged care system must address the role played by profit in provider organisations.” Professor Ferracioli makes the case for reform measures that address the relationship between profit and the quality of care provided so that residents of aged care facilities can have “meaningful caring relationships” supporting their mental and physical well-being. Raising additional funds through taxation and other avenues could allow all Australians access to aged care and could create a shift in thinking about care as “an investment in human beings, rather than a burden.”

The article was published in ABC Religion & Ethics on May 9 and can be read here.