Lara Buchak awarded inaugural Alvin Plantinga Prize

March 10, 2022

On February 18, the American Philosophical Association (APA) announced Lara Buchak, Professor of Philosophy and UCHV Executive Committee member, as the inaugural recipient of the Alvin Plantinga Prize. The prize recognizes “original essays that engage philosophical issues about or in substantial ways related to theism” and essays are judged on clarity, rigor, and originality. Professor Buchak authored the essay, “Faith and Traditions” which “addresses the nature of allegiance to, and break from, a tradition-whether it be Christianity or Islam or atheism or some other tradition.”

The Alvin Plantinga Prize is named for the esteemed philosopher, Alvin Plantinga, and it is funded by the Bossenbroek Family Foundation. The annual award and honorable mention recipients receive a monetary prize and are invited to attend the APA divisional meeting and award reception.

Read the APA announcement here.