Frick Awarded Richard Stockton Bicentennial Preceptorship

Wednesday, Apr 18, 2018

Johann Frick has been awarded the Richard Stockton Bicentennial Preceptorship, Ferris Thompson Foundation, for a term of three years from July 1 2018 – June 30, 2021. This university preceptorship is an extremely prestigious award which brings with it an annual fund for research expenses and a year of paid leave.  During his 2018-19 leave, Frick plans to work on a series of articles in ethics - on population ethics, the ethics of risk, moral luck, moral dilemmas, and structural rationality. Frick joined the University Center for Human Values and the Department of Philosophy in the spring of 2014. His primary research interests lie in moral philosophy, political philosophy, and bioethics. His current work focuses on population ethics, the concept of interpersonal justification, and the ethics of risk. Frick received the 2017 Gregory Kavka, University of California-Irvine Prize in Political Philosophy for his article, “Contractualism and Social Risk” and a symposium was held in his honor at the 2017 American Philosophical Association (APA) Pacific Division meeting. In fall 2017, the Einstein Group in Berlin, led by Professor R. Jay Wallace (Berkeley) held a two-day workshop in Berlin on Frick’s work, “Contractualism, Risk and Population Ethics.”

The Richard Stockton Preceptorship was created in memory of Richard Stockton of the Class of 1748, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, and trustee, 1757-1781.

One of ten Bicentennial Preceptorships: Princeton University established in 1949 ten Bicentennial Preceptorships commemorating ten early officers and graduates, for the purpose of encouraging the development of teaching capacity and scholarship at the assistant professor level. The preceptorships provide an annual fund for research expenses and a one-year leave of absence, during a three-year tenure, for the furtherance of the incumbent's scholarship. In the fall of 1949, sufficient funds, supplementing general salary funds, were set aside from contributions to finance the Bicentennial Preceptorships for an initial period of three years. These funds have been supplemented from time to time by additional contributions and by endowment gifts. In the spring of 1950, four preceptorships were permanently endowed with funds received in a bequest from the late Ferris Thompson, Class of 1888.