Former UCHV postdoc Annette Zimmermann wins award for Boston Review Essay

Monday, Oct 12, 2020

The essay, “Technology Alone Can’t Fix Algorithmic Injustice”, co-authored with Princeton doctoral students Elena Di Rosa (Philosophy) and Hochan “Sonny” Kim (Politics) won The Hastings Center's 2020 David Roscoe Award for an Early-Career Essay on Science, Ethics, and Society." As Zimmermann, Di Rosa and Kim argue, “there may be some machine learning systems that should not be deployed in the first place, no matter how much we can optimize them. Developers cannot just ask, 'What do I need to do to fix my algorithm?' They must rather ask: 'How does my algorithm interact with society at large, and as it currently is, including its structural inequalities?' Ultimately, we must resist the apocalypse-saturated discourse on AI that encourages a mentality of learned helplessness—and citizens must come to view issues surrounding AI as a collective problem for all of us rather than a technical problem just for them.”