Andrew Chignell Delivered the 7th Annual Kant Course and Lecture at the Humboldt University of Berlin

Friday, Jul 13, 2018

7th Berlin Kant Course
Andrew Chignell (Princeton)
Knowledge, Belief, Hope and Despair

The Berlin Kant Course is a regularly occurring, compact seminar, where internationally known researchers present their own new work regarding Kant's philosophy, its influence on the history of philosophy, or its reception in contemporary systematic philosophy. After past seminars with Lucy Allais, Patricia Kitcher, Michael Friedman, Nick Stang, Marcus Willaschek, and Robert Stern, our guest this year will be Andrew Chignell (Princeton), who will present his interpretation and evaluation of Kant's concepts of knowledge, belief, hope, and despair.

The Berlin Kant Course is aimed at advanced students and philosophers from Berlin and elsewhere.