Past Prize Recipients

2015 Winners

Elena Di Rosa
Department of Philosophy
“A Contemporary Theory of Responsibility: What Aristotle Can Teach Us”
Cameron Langford
Department of Politics
“Epistemic Ecosystems: A Theory of Science Communications”
Annaliese Ionson
Department of Anthropology
“Competing Discourses: Diabetes and the Narrative of First Nations Identity”

2014 Winners

Seongcheol Kim
Department of German
“Theory, Organization, and Milieu in the West German Extra-Parliamentary Left, 1966-78”
Mary Schulman
Department of East Asian Studies
“The King's Speech: Language and Ritual in the 'Great Proclamation' of the Classic of Documents”
Naomi Zucker
Department of Anthropology
“Visions of Health and Care in São Paulo, Brazil”
Robert Stone III
Department of Politics
“Socrates Satisfied: John Stuart Mill, Plato, and the Athenian Political Ideal”

2013 Winners

Colleen Culbertson
Department of Anthropology
"Testing the Malaria Vaccine: Membership, Expertise, and the 'Adverse Effects' of Accountability"
Adviser: Rena Lederman, Anthropology
Victoria Lauren Cadiz
Department of Philosophy
"Aristotle's Virtue Ethics and Natural Law Theory"
Adviser: Benjamin Morison, Philosophy
Mariana Olaizola
Department of Politics
"A Push for Inclusion: Human Rights and the Implications for Democracy"
Adviser: Philip Pettit, Philosophy and University Center for Human Values
Alison Lo
Department of Psychology
"Morality and Culture: Differences in American and Chinese Moral Reasoning"
Adviser: Deborah Prentice, Psychology and Public Affairs

2012 Winners

Emily Rutherford
Department of History
"John Addington Symonds: Humanism, Love, and Sexual Identity in Victorian Britain"
Adviser: Anthony Grafton, History
Jonathan Sarnoff
Department of Philosophy
"A Theory of Moral Responsibility"
Adviser: Elizabeth Harman, Philosophy
Jane Abbottsmith
Department of Religion
"A Dwelling for the Abandoned: Love for God and Neighbor in St. Augustine's Homilies on the First Epistle of John"
Adviser: Eric Gregory, Religion

2011 Winners

Devin Blair Kennedy
Contested Body: Identity, Anatomy, Sign
Samantha Janaki Pergadia
Animal Tales: Anthropomorphism and the Management of Compassion
Amelia Jane Thomson-DeVeaux
Looking with Love: A Feminist Vision of Simone Weil

2010 Winners

Daniel Eric Rauch
The New Supermajority: Judician Review, Supermajority Voting Rules, and the United States Supreme Court
Praveen Giridhara Murthy
Lost in Translation: How Emerson and Thoreau Helped Gandhi to Reinvent the Bhagavad Gita
Benjamin Frankel Farkas
Consensus on Justice in Rawls and Aristotle

2009 Winners

Jo-Ann Tamila Karhson
Reciprocal Obligations: A Just Theory of Immigration and Assimilation
Wendy Liu
Justifying Revolution
Emily Anne Weigel
To See It Feelingly: Shakespeare and the Exercise of Early Modern Empathy

2008 Winner

Emily Seen
Challenging the Refugee Regime's Exilic Bias: The Relationship between Asylum and Intervention in Humanitarian Crises.

2007 Winner

Susannah Cramer-Greenbaum
The Promise of Architecture: Louis Kahn’s National Assembly Complex in Bangladesh

2006 Winners

Catherine Ambler
Per lo Raggio de L’Alta Luce: How Averroes’ Theory of Intellection Influences Dante’s ‘Divina Commedia
Amak Megwalu
Looking Back Moving Forward: The Gacaca Courts in Rwanda

2005 Winner

Xiuhui Lim
Reasons and Passions: Can Intrinsic Desires Be Rationally Criticized?

2004 Winner

Stephen Porter
Traditional Healers, Biological Citizens, and Culture-as-Such: HIV/AIDS and the Politics of Recognition in Post-Apartheid South Africe

2003 Winners

Katrina Anna Besch
Moral Luck: An Empirical Investigation
Jessica Rose Munitz
Ohev Shalom V’Rodef Shalom: A New Perspective on Peacemaking in Ancient Judais moving Forward: The Gacaca Courts in Rwanda

2002 Winners

Matthew Frazier
Beyond Charity: America’s Moral Obligation to the World’s Poor
Kathryn E. Grzenczyk
The Importance of How We Value: Moral Reasoning and Personal Integrity

2001 Winners

Kathleen Daffan
Defining and Defending Human Dignity: Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights in the Inter-American System
Susan Schaefer
The Drama of Disappearance: ‘Antigona Furiosa’ and Argentina’s ‘Dirty War’

2000 Winners

Daniel Powell
The Gay Gene: An Ethical Analysis of Genetic Testing for Sexual Orientation
William Yandik
Voices of the Hudson: A Narrative on PCB Pollution

1999 Winner

Dale Ho
Nietzsche, Genealogy, Politics

1998 Winner

Antonia Stroeh
From the Hammer of the Witches to the Quiver of the Jews

1997 Winner

Brad Groatman
Conscience and Obligation

1996 Winners

Jennifer Kinsbruner
Women, Marginal Barrios, and Community Organization: A Case Study in Quito, Ecuador, 1970-199
Karen Laura Thornber
Toward Human Dignity: The Poetry and Poetics of Toge Sankichi with a new translation of the Gembaku shishi

1995 Winners

Rebecca Neill Taylor
At the Intersection of Chronos and Kairos: Time and the Primitive in the Writings of Virginia Woolf
Fredrick Vars
Attitudes towards Affirmative Action: Paradox or Paradigm?

1994 Winner

Rebecca Ryan
The Sex Right: A Legal History of the Marital Rape Exemption

1993 Winners

Raquel Ukeles
Beyond and Yet Within: Exploring the Legitimate Other in Islam and Judaism
Monica Youn
No Man’s Land: A Critical Approach to the Social, Medical, and Legal Status of Transsexuals