Short Movie Prize

Marx Hall

Marx Hall, home of the University Center for Human Values

The University Center for Human Values awards an annual Short Movie Prize of $1000. Honorable Mentions are made from time to time and these are awarded a prize of $250.


Submission Requirements

  • The preferred length of the short movie is around 7 minutes, but there is no maximum or minimum length. Music to which rights have not been secured can be used as long as the film is not shown commercially;

  • Students should upload their videos to a website–YouTube, Vimeo, or some other video sharing website–and provide the jury with a stable URL.

  • Each submission must be accompanied by a short biography (no more than one paragraph) of the student who made the movie (if more than one student, submit a separate biography for each student);

  • An optional supporting statement about the short movie (no more than one page, double spaced).

Past Winners of the Short Movie Prize


Theme:  Hope and Despair 
Winner: Bes Arnaout '20 for En Route  [watch]


Theme:  Ambivalence 
Co-winner: Melanie Ho '18 for Do Not Swallow  [watch] [read]
Co-winner: James Tralie '19 for Immeasurable Nature [watch] [read]
Co-winner: Mariah Wilson '18 for Maximum Capacity [watch] (email Femke deRuyter for password)
Honorable Mention: David Lopera '19 for Perfidia [watch]


Theme: Fanaticism
Co-winner: James Tralie '19 for Virtual  [watch] [read]
Co-winner: Elias Stern '19 for Whiskey Sour [watch] [read]


Theme: Choosing
Co-winners: Chanyoung Park '17, Roxana Turcanu '16 and Cezar Mocan for Même [watch] Interview with Chanyoung.
Co-winner: Emma Michalak '17 for But for the Grace. [watch] Interview with Emma.
Honorable Mention: Ben Goodman '17 and Simon Gulergun's for Untitled [watch]


Theme: Attachment
Winners: Ben Goodman ’17 and Simon Gulergun for Capture Bonding [watch] Interview with Ben.


Theme: Equality
Winner: Jeanette Beebe '14 for Beyond the Boys' Club [watch] Interview with Jeanette.
Honorable Mention: Cameron Johanning '16 for Equality [watch]
Honorable Mention: Jane Pritchard '15 for Hats [watch]


Theme: Justice
Winner: Michael Glassman '15 and Tom Markham '15 for A Film on Justice [watch] [read]

For more information and questions, please contact Femke DeRuyter.