Laurance S. Rockefeller Preceptorship Nominations

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We invite nominations for the Laurance S. Rockefeller University Preceptorship in Human Values. This position is intended for outstanding assistant professors whose work, whatever their discipline, is devoted in significant measure to ethical issues. This embraces the systematic study of the sources, interpretations, implications, and significance of ethical values, as well as reflection on the various approaches suitable to this task.

The LSR Preceptorship is a three year appointment. For each year of the three year tenure, half of the preceptor's time is sponsored by the University Center, releasing 0.5 FTE for departmental use. In one of these years, the incumbent may take a one-semester paid research leave, supported by the preceptorship. In the other two years, the preceptor will devote half of his/her/their time to teaching and other activities sponsored by the University Center. We expect that the preceptor would ordinarily devote this time to teaching departmental courses, but he or she might be asked to consider offering an undergraduate seminar in the Center’s Values and Public Life program. The preceptor is invited to be a regular participant in Center events and activities.

Individuals may be nominated for Bicentennial Preceptorships simultaneously.  If selected for both, the successful candidate can hold the two preceptorships at the same time and take a total of one year of academic leave.

At the time of nomination, nominees should be in the final year of their first term as an assistant professor or the first year of their second. If an assistant professor is nominated in the first year of their second term, the third year as a preceptor would be contingent upon promotion or reappointment.

A nomination should include:

  1. a cover letter from the Chair briefly characterizing the nominee’s qualifications for the preceptorship and explaining how association with the UCHV would further his/her/their research;
  2. the candidate’s CV;
  3. the reappointment file (or, if outdated, an updated equivalent), describing the nominee’s scholarship and teaching, and a list of courses taught and teaching evaluations;
  4. a sample of the nominee’s recent scholarship.

Nominations are due by Friday, December 17, 2021. If you have any questions about the Rockefeller Preceptorship, please contact Regin Davis at 8-2739 or