Faculty Grants

Please note that due to the pressures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, UCHV will not be advertising calls for Faculty Grants in 2020-21 on the same schedule as in past years, and may not be able to issue such calls at all.  Any such call that is eventually issued will be posted here and notified to faculty through departments.

The University Center for Human Values (UCHV) invites proposals from members of the Princeton faculty (senior lecturers; assistant, associate, full professors and lecturers and research scholars on continuing appointments) for support of research and collaborative projects that centrally involve the critical study of human values. 

(1) Individual research projects. The UCHV offers one-year grants up to $10,000, to support costs for individual projects and collaborative work with colleagues from other institutions on projects that centrally involve the critical study of human values. The costs supported might include, e.g., costs of research travel and/or support of travel costs of colleagues from non-U.S. institutions who would contribute to the research project of a Princeton faculty member or group.

(2) Collaborative projects of small or large scale. The UCHV will consider requests for one year of funding, up to $50,000, with budgets appropriate to the ambition and scale of the project, for projects that centrally involve the critical study of human values, centered at Princeton or organized in collaboration with other universities and with substantial Princeton participation. We will accept proposals seeking funding for yearlong projects as well as for the first year of multi-year research projects. The costs supported might include, e.g., costs of research travel, research studies or field experiments, and necessary materials. For collaborative projects organized with outside universities and institutions, the UCHV expects that proportionate funds be sought from outside funders wherever possible. For large-scale projects that do not involve outside collaborators, we expect proportional funds be sought from relevant units on campus in addition to UCHV (external funds do not need to be secured by the time the proposal is submitted).

To request conference funding or funding for book workshops (to discuss drafts of manuscripts with local and visiting colleagues), please see the instructions on the UCHV website: https://uchv.princeton.edu/fellowships-awards/conference-funding

To apply:

Please send a short (no more than 500 word) pre-proposal statement, including your project title or topic and a short description highlighting the dimension of critical study of human values involved; the names of your collaborators; and a summary budget for order of magnitude purposes. Pre-proposals should identify a Princeton faculty member and department or other unit as having overall responsibility for oversight of the project and administration of the award.

For projects selected on the basis of the pre-proposal, the UCHV will then solicit 2-4 page full proposals, including a full description of the project, as well as a budget showing the costs of the project. The budget should indicate other funds received or committed, other grant makers or funding sources applied to (clearly indicating the amount sought from these sources), and the total amount of funding sought from the UCHV.

Please note that we cannot support academic-year or summer salaries or stipends and are not in a position to offer office space. 

Pre-proposals should be sent to Regin Davis, Assistant Director of the UCHV, via email (regin.davis@princeton.edu) by the specified deadline.