“Truth and Evidence” American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy Annual Meeting

American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy (publishers of annual NOMOS volumes)

Co-Chairs: Melissa Schwartzberg, Pol Sci, NYU (NOMOS editor); Philip Kitcher, Philosophy, Columbia (volume co-editor); Stephen Macedo, ASPLP President

Hosted by the University Center for Human Values, and cosponsored by the Department of Philosophy, Department of Politics, and the Program in Law and Public Affairs.  


“Truth and Evidence”


Panel 1: 10am-12noon: Bernard E. Harcourt (Columbia): “The Last Refuge of Scoundrels: The Problem of Truth in the Twenty-First Century

Jazmine Gonzales Rose (law, University of Pittsburgh)     
Cheryl Misak (philosophy, University of Toronto)


Panel 2: 1-3pm: Kimberly Ferzan (UVA): "#BelieveWomen and the Presumption of Innocence: Clarifying the Questions for Law and Life"

Renee Bolinger (political science, Princeton)
Jason Stanley (philosophy, Yale)


Panel 3: 3:30-5:30pm: Michael Lynch (U.Conn): "Truth as a Democratic Value."

Michael Saks (law, Arizona State)
John Sides (political science, George Washington U)


If you plan to attend, and especially if you would like to join us for a buffet lunch, please RSVP to Dawn Disette (ddisette@princeton.edu), and specify dietary restrictions. 

Format: Principal paper givers will have 30-40 minutes to present, and the commentators 15-20 minutes each.