Science and Social Justice Salon: Sex and Gender Complexity

Dec 6, 2023, 6:00 pm7:30 pm
Robertson Hall, 056 Bernstein Gallery
Free and Open to the Public (registration required)


Event Description

The Science and Social Justice Salon series aims to build bridges between scientists and humanists interested in critically examining the social and ethical impacts of scientific work. Our December Salon immediately follows a panel discussion on sex and gender complexity in scientific research, featuring Catherine Clune-Taylor (Princeton Gender and Sexuality Studies) in conversation with Agustin Fuentes (Princeton Anthropology) and Mia Miyagi (Brown Center for Computational Biology; see here for further details of this event, sponsored by the Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies). We will engage with normative, epistemic, and institutional questions around sex and gender complexity. What does the biocultural complexity of sex and gender imply for our epistemic standards and research practices? How should one respond to insistence on outdated, binary conceptions of sex and gender in their field? What do academic standards and debates regarding sex and gender as binary have to do with issues of free speech?

Join us to build community and share questions over drinks and light fare in a relaxed, casual setting! RSVP here.

Presented by the Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies and Future Values (UCHV).