Lea Ypi (London School of Economics): "On Dominated Dominators"

Thu, Sep 13, 2018, 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm
301 Marx Hall

ABSTRACT: "On dominated dominators"

This paper explores the case of dominated dominators as a way of understanding structural domination and the alienation that results from it. I suggest that structural domination, the domination from which dominators suffer (over and above the dominated) is a particularly pernicious form of interference, which ought to worry us more than the agential and intersubjective forms of domination that we have been mostly concerned with. I explore the connections between structural domination and structural alienation, the role of social classes to understand how a structure works and show how a class-based analysis helps us explain the distinctive moral wrong of domination by a structure.

BIO: Lea Ypi is Professor in Political Theory in the Government Department, London School of Economics, and Adjunct Associate Professor in Philosophy at the Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University. Before joining the LSE, she was a Post-doctoral Prize Research Fellow at Nuffield College (Oxford) and a researcher at the European University Institute where she obtained her PhD.

She has degrees in Philosophy and Literature from the University of Rome, La Sapienza, and has held visiting and research positions at Sciences Po, the University of Frankfurt, the Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin, the Australian National University and the Italian Institute for Historical Studies.