Ian Peebles (UCHV Harold T. Shapiro Postdoctoral Research Associate in Bioethics): “A Modified Volitional Account of Racism and Its Use in Healthcare”

Nov 30, 2022, 4:30 pm6:00 pm
HYBRID - Laura Wooten Hall, Room 301 (Kerstetter Room) or via Zoom. Registration required for remote attendance.


Event Description

Ira W. DeCamp Bioethics Seminars

ABSTRACT: The resurgence in anti-racist activism and education brought with it the need to better understand what racism is and how it operates.  In this presentation, I offer a modified account of Jorge Garcia’s volitional account of racism in an effort toward constructing a comprehensive and accurate theory of racism.  In doing so, I elaborate on an often-neglected form of racism – race-based, deficient goodwill – and provide a detailed account of two of the dispositions associated with race-based, deficient goodwill – race-based, moral negligence and race-based, "benevolent" paternalism.  I also offer an account of institutional and systemic racism based on my modified volitional account of racism.  Throughout, I apply my theory of racism to issues in healthcare to demonstrate its ability to accurately capture the relevant phenomena in that domain.  My aim is to improve our understanding of racism, and consequently, aid in generating more just and effective interventions for mitigating racism.

Ian Peebles is the Harold T. Shapiro Postdoctoral Research Associate in Bioethics at the Center for Human Values.  His primary research interests are in bio/neuroethics and the philosophy of race.  His current research focuses on the ethical and social implications of various biomedical therapies used to alter brain function, as well as providing conceptual and normative frameworks to address racial/ethnic health disparities. 

Lidal Dror, Associated Research Scholar in Philosophy, will respond.

Audience: Free and Open to the Public. Registration is required to attend via Zoom. 

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