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Film Forum logoThe Film Forum started in the fall of 2005. It is dedicated to the discussion of films that not only delight us in the spectacular ways cinema most naturally does but also leave us puzzled, challenged, unsettled, or even irritated. The films we show cry out for discussion and have afforded us on many Monday nights with the pleasure of intelligent and passionate conversation.

This forum connects the members of the Princeton public inside and outside of the University and a core audience has developed from the regularly participating students, faculty, and other Princetonians. The Film Forum provides a great opportunity to witness the intellectual talent of Princeton in action and, moreover, to engage with it.

Director: Erika Kiss, University Center for Human Values 

The events are made possible by the generous gift of Bert G. Kerstetter ’66

To all Film Forum members:
We are pleased to announce that AY 2020-21 we will be using a service called Eventive. This will enable us to make films available within a limited timeframe for you to watch online, independently from commercial streaming services. You can - of course - continue to use other streaming services, but Eventive will allow us to get as closer to the normal Film Forum. We have arranged for the Eventive screenings to take place just before the Zoom discussion (which will continue to begin at 9 PM on Monday evenings).
To access a film, you need to register with Eventive. Go to You will be asked to set up a name and password. This is free and will allow you to access other festivals and organizations that use Eventive. Each week the film will be available to watch starting at 6:45 PM through 9 PM with a listed ticket price of $0. You can start watching at any time during the window and you then have up to 4 hours to complete your viewing.
After watching the film, please join the discussion at 9 PM on Zoom.

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