"Colonialism, Decolonization, and Global Justice"

Sep 13, 2019, 9:30 amSep 14, 2019, 3:45 pm


Event Description
  • Anuja Bose – University of Minnesota
  • Shuk Ying Chan - Princeton University
  • Catherine Lu – McGill University
  • Keally McBride – University of San Francisco
  • Sam Moyn – Yale University
  • Jennifer Pitts – University of Chicago
  • Anna Stilz – Princeton University
  • Inés Valdez - Ohio State University
  • Lea Ypi – London School of Economics

Decolonization, in many ways, remains unfinished. While formal sovereignty has been attained by many (but not all) colonized peoples in the 20th century, deepening economic and cultural globalization under a neoliberal political economy have continued to fuel critiques of neo-colonialism and imperialism today.

This conference, which brings together political theorists and historians of political thought working in different methodological traditions, proposes to explore the implications of colonialism and decolonization on contemporary issues of global justice. Questions to be reflected on include: How might colonial injustice, past and present, inform debates on global inequality, trade and investment, collective self-determination, territorial rights, and so on? To what extent, if at all, do international law and global governance instantiate new forms of colonialism and imperialism? What are the normative requirements of a genuine political, economic, and cultural decolonization?

How might re-centering anti-colonial and postcolonial thought in contemporary political theory productively inform the demands of global justice?

Friday, September 13th, 2019


Lea Ypi (LSE)

“Irregular Migration, Territorial Rights and the Supersession of Historic Injustice” 

Chair & Discussant: Charles Beitz (Princeton)


Shuk Ying Chan (Princeton)

“Decolonizing Cultural Globalization”

Chair & Discussant: Karuna Mantena (Columbia) 


Catherine Lu (McGill)

“Disalienation and Global Justice”

Chair & Discussant: Alan Patten (Princeton)


Inés Valdez (Ohio State)

“Socialism and Empire: Labor, Racial Capitalism, and the Global Regulation of Movement”

Chair & Discussant: Talia Sharpp (Princeton)


Anna Stilz (Princeton)

“Lenin’s Theory of Self-Determination”

Chair & Discussant: Astrid Hampe-Nathaniel (LSE)



Saturday, September 14th, 2019


 Jennifer Pitts (Chicago)

“Global Justice and the Parasitism of the Nation-State on Empire”

Chair & Discussant: Théophile Deslauriers (Princeton)


Anuja Bose (Minnesota)

“Visions of Global Justice from the Third World: The Delinked Regionalisms of Walter Rodney and Samir Amin”

Chair & Discussant: Jade Ngo (Princeton)


Keally McBride (University of San Francisco)

“Global Justice over Time in Space”

Chair & Discussant: Sonny Kim (Princeton)


Sam Moyn (Yale)

“On the Origins of Global Justice”

Chair & Discussant: Adom Getachew (Chicago)


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