CITP/UCHV Workshop: A.I. & Ethics

Mar 9, 2018


Event Description

By Invitation Only

This workshop builds on the October 6th UCHV/CITP workshop, where influential proprietors of AI technologies came to Princeton to discuss the ethical dilemmas they face when developing and deploying their technologies. On March 9th, we will welcome three groups to discuss ethical dilemmas presented in AI technologies in the fields of autonomous weapons, immigration policy and investigative law enforcement. The outcome of these discussions will be a set of case studies, to be used for educational purposes. Due to confidentiality restrictions, we will share more information only with confirmed participants.

Please email Chloe Bakalar and Ben Zevenbergen by Friday, February 16 if you intend to participate in the workshop on March 9th: ([email protected]; [email protected])

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