Adapting Environmental Ethics for the Anthropocene

May 1, 2024, 4:30 pm6:00 pm
Free and Open to the Public


Event Description

Facts about increasing, collective human influence on biological systems, from local ecosystems to planetary-level Earth systems, support the proposal that we now live in the Anthropocene. What do such facts imply, if anything, about norms and values guiding land management and conservation practices going forward? Do facts about anthropogenic drivers that can result in undesirable and irreversible changes to ecological and earth systems license further intentional interventions and underwrite calls for “planetary management”? What would appropriate respect for wildness look like on a human-dominated planet? How, if at all, should environmental ethics adapt to the Antropocene?


  • Emma Marris, Acclaimed Environmental Writer & Journalist
  • Arthur Obst (Princeton University)
  • Allen Thompson (Oregon State University)
  • Melissa Lane (Princeton University)
High Meadows Environmental Institute