Research Funding

The Values and Public Life program offers competitive grants of up to $2,500 for students enrolled in the VPL program to pursue the VPL portion of their senior thesis research, internships, or other projects in the field of the minor.  These grants may be used for travel, housing, or other purposes supporting research, study, or participation in values-related projects, as detailed in the student's application. 

Applications can be submitted via SAFE under "Undergraduate Senior Thesis Research" (look for the funding opportunity called "VPL Senior Thesis Research").  Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, from the beginning of fall term through May 1.  Students may apply for research funding more than once, but there is a $3,500-lifetime cap on per-student funding.  The University Center for Human Values also supports VPL student projects, such as conferences, that relate to the minor on a case-by-case basis. VPL students may email the director and program coordinator to inquire about this opportunity. 

Unfortunately, the University Center for Human Values is unable to provide research or internship funding or conference support for students who are not enrolled in the Values and Public Life program.

NOTE:  We follow ODOC's Thesis Funding Guidelines.  For any questions regarding eligibility, please email [email protected].