VPL Certificate Program


Values and Public Life (VPL)

The University Center for Human Values launched its undergraduate certificate program in Values and Public Life in fall 2010. Students attaining the certificate will be equipped to bring informed discussion of values into the public sphere and to integrate a critical value perspective into their future studies and pursuits. The program is directed by Professor Anna Stilz.

The program is open to undergraduates in all disciplines, and students are invited to apply at the end of the sophomore year. (Please note, students are normally accepted only in the spring of the sophomore year. However, juniors who have a compelling reason for entering late are encouraged to schedule an appointment with the Director to discuss their case.)

Program requirements consist of: three core courses, one each in politics and philosophy, and an additional seminar in normative issues; two additional courses contributing to the development of an area of focus; and the writing of the senior thesis or a substantial piece of independent work on a relevant topic, with participation in a non-credit-bearing senior thesis workshop. Admission and certification of completion is overseen by a faculty committee of the University Center for Human Values, on which the director of the program will serve as the executive arm. Enrolled students will be offered a further range of opportunities, including meals with faculty and visiting speakers, summer grants for projects or research related to values and public life, and design of a group service project advancing the study or understanding of values in the wider community.

For questions or additional information, please contact Kimberly Murray at VPL@princeton.edu.