Cross-Listed and Funded Courses

Spring 2018

CGS 312/CHV 317/PHI 349
Cognitive Science of Metaethics
Dylan W. Murray

CHV 332/PHI 347
Ethics and Pathologies of Attachment
Monique L. Wonderly

CHV 333/PHI 344
Bioethics: Clinical and Population-Level
Johann D. Frick and Daniel M. Putnam

CHV 370/ECO 369
Capitalism, Utopia and Social Justice
Marc Fleurbaey

CHV 390/PHI 390/GSS 391
The Ethics of Love and Sex
Elizabeth Harman

CLA 214/CHV 214
The Other Side of Rome
Andrew M. Feldherr

ECO 385/CHV 345
Ethics and Economics
Thomas C. Leonard

PHI 202/CHV 202
Introduction to Moral Philosophy
Sarah E. McGrath

PHI 307/CHV 311
Systematic Ethics

PHI 519/CHV 519
Normative Ethics: Recent Work on Rights and Risk
Johann D. Frick

SOC 302/CHV 302
Sociological Theory
John A. Hall