Cross-Listed and Funded Courses

Fall 2019

CHV 310/PHI 385
Practical Ethics
Peter Singer

CHV 355
Wilson Goes to Hollywood: State-Propaganda-Film
Erika Kiss

CHV 390/PHI 390/GSS 391
The Ethics of Love and Sex
Elizabeth Harman

PHI 202/CHV 202
Introduction to Moral Philosophy
Johann Frick 

PHI 380/CHV 383
Explaining Values
Michael Smith

PHI 383 / CHV 383
Freedom and Responsibility
Victoria McGeer

POL 418/CHV 418
What are Human Rights?
Charles Beitz

REL 261 / CHV 261
Christian Ethics and Modern Society
Eric Gregory

REL 264/CHV 264/PHI 264
Religion and Reason
Andrew Chignell

WWS 370/POL 380/CHV 301
Ethics and Public Policy
Stephen Macedo

WWS 421/POL 479/CHV 470
Comparative Constitutional Law
Kim Lane Scheppele