Cross-Listed and Funded Courses

Spring 2019

CHV 334/PHI 377
Michael Rabenberg

CHV 370/ECO 369
Capitalism, Utopia and Social Justice
Marc Fleurbaey

CHV 401/COM 437/ ENG 443/HUM 402
Hope: A History
Adam Potkay

CHV 421/POL 493
Punishment: Theory and Practice
Benjamin Berger

POL 307/CHV 307
The Just Society
Alan Patten

POL 317/CHV 316
Confucian Political Philosophy: Classical and Contemporary
Joseph Cho Wai Chan

REL 402/PHI 402/CHV 407
Kant's Ethical Religion
Andrew Chignell

SOC 302/CHV 302
Sociological Theory
Ekedi Mpondo-Dika