Cross-Listed and Funded Courses

Fall 2018

CHV 528/PHI 521
Peter Singer and Sharon Bassan

COM 362/CHV 362/GER 364/ECS 362
Stolen Years: Youth Under the Nazis
Froma I. Zeitlin

BANNED: The Paradox of Free Speech in Cinema
COM 431/CHV 431/AMS 431
Erika A. Kiss

PHI 202/CHV 202
Introduction to Moral Philosophy
Sarah E. McGrath

PHI 315/CHV 315/CGS 315
Philosophy of Mind
Philip N. Pettit

PHI 380/CHV 380
Explaining Values
Victoria McGeer

PHI 411/CHV 411
Free Speech in the Internet Age
Susan J. Brison

POL 313/CHV 313
Global Justice
Charles R. Beitz

POL 403/CHV 403/ARC 405/URB 403
Architecture and Democracy
Jan-Werner Mueller

POL 417/CHV 417
Colonialism and Historic Injustice
Anna B. Stilz

REL 261/CHV 261
Christian Ethics
Eric S. Gregory

WWS 370/POL 308/CHV 301
Ethics and Public Policy
Steven A. Kelts