You may choose to apply for university housing through Princeton’s housing department. Note that you cannot formally apply for housing until you have received a Princeton ID and password. The Office of Information Technology assigns the ID and password 90 days before the start date of your appointment. For more information on Princeton’s faculty and staff housing, please visit their website: http://hres.princeton.edu/faculty-staff.

Please note that Princeton University housing eligibility is not assigned on a first come/first serve basis. The date you are put on the housing request list does not impact whether or not you will be assigned housing. For more information on the timeline and how the process works, go to https://hres.princeton.edu/faculty-staff-housing/explore/university-rentals-eligibility.

•There is an “off-campus” housing database on the Princeton website. This database is updated almost daily and consists of area landlords who place their rental information in the database. You can set search parameters based on exactly what you need and it will also give you the landlord’s direct information. Please note that incoming affiliates who have yet to receive their net ID may register just below the log-in fields. To register and access the database, please go to the website at: http://offcampushousing.princeton.edu/.

• It is common for Princeton faculty members to sublet their residences for the year when they go on sabbatical. Those notices usually begin circulating around March/April. Please be in touch with Regin Davis if you would like notices of available houses for sub-let to be forwarded to you. Also, you can send Regin a note that details exactly what you’re looking for in terms of housing and Regin will circulate that to department managers (who will, in turn, send the information to their faculty).