Susanna Rinard

Laurance S. Rockefeller Visiting Faculty Fellow
(Harvard University)
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Office Location: 
303 Marx Hall

Susanna Rinard is an assistant professor in philosophy at Harvard University.  She works in epistemology (including formal epistemology), the philosophy of science, and ethics.  Specific research interests include the ethics of belief, philosophical skepticism, philosophical methodology, and Bayesian confirmation theory and decision theory.  Publications include “No Exception for Belief” (Philosophy and Phenomenological Research), “Why Philosophy Can Overturn Common Sense” (Oxford Studies in Epistemology), “A New Bayesian Solution to the Paradox of Ravens” (Philosophy of Science) and “A Decision Theory for Imprecise Probabilities” (Philosophers’ Imprint).  While at Princeton, she will be developing a view on which the question “What should I believe?” is to be answered in the same way as the question “What should I do?” and using this to construct a new pragmatic response to philosophical skepticism.