Philip Pettit

Laurance S. Rockefeller University Professor of Politics and the University Center for Human Values
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Philip Pettit works in moral and political philosophy and on background issues in philosophical psychology and social ontology. His recent single-authored books include The Common Mind (1996), Republicanism (1997), A Theory of Freedom (2001), Rules, Reasons, and Norms (2002), Made with Words: Hobbes on Mind, Society, and Politics (2008), On the People’s Terms: A Republican Theory and Model of Democracy (2012) and Just Freedom: A Moral Compass for a Complex World (2014) and The Robust Demands of the Good: Ethics with Attachment‚Virtue and Respect (2015). He is the coauthor of The Economy of Esteem (2004), with Geoffrey Brennan, Mind, Morality, and Explanation (2004), a selection of papers with Frank Jackson and Michael Smith; A Political Philosophy in Public Life: Civic Republicanism in Zapatero’s Spain (2010), with Jose Marti; and Group Agents: The Possibility, Design and Status of Corporate Actors (2011), with Christian List. Common Minds: Themes from the Philosophy of Philip Pettit appeared in 2007 with Oxford University Press, edited by Michael Smith, Geoffrey Brennan, Robert Goodin, and Frank Jackson. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, a Corresponding Fellow of the British Academy, an Honorary Member of the Royal Irish Academy and a Fellow of both the Humanities and Social Sciences Academies in Australia.