Minh Ly

Values and Public Life Postdoctoral Research Associate
609-258-5538 or 609-206-3938 (cell)
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Room 218, 5 Ivy Lane

Minh Ly's research focuses on political theory, democratic theory, global justice, and the ethics of international political economy. He is completing a book manuscript, A Human Right to Democratic Accountability.  It develops an original theory of what democratic principles require in a globalized world.  When people are subject to states and international organizations, what do democratic values call for?  The book argues that people who are subject to public policies should have a right to participate in a system of democratic accountability to protect their human rights.  He has published in the Review of International Political Economy and the Routledge Handbook of Global Economic Governance. Ly holds a Ph.D in political science from Brown University and an A.B. in social studies from Harvard University.